Your visit to the clinic


Initial intake (First visit only)

Your visit to our clinic begins with a detailed intake interview and physical assessment. The intake interview consists of questions pertaining to your main complaint, as well as your general health. The physical assessment includes observations of the tongue, pulse, and general body characteristics.

The interview and assessment provide the detailed diagnosis of your condition needed to formulate an effective treatment plan.

The initial intake generally takes about 30 minutes.

Intake (Subsequent visits)

Unlike the initial intake, questions and observations will be directed mainly at determining changes since the previous visit to ascertain the effectiveness of the treatment. Based on information gleaned from this process, Shane may choose to either maintain or alter his method of treatment.

This intake usually last 5-10 minutes


Once a diagnosis is made and treatment protocol is determined, Shane will generally perform two rounds of needling. First, points on the back side of the body are needled while you are laying face-down, then on the front side with you laying face-up. 

After each round of needling, the needles are left in for 10-15 minutes, then removed.

In addition to needling; moxibustion, cupping, and/or tui-na may be incorporated in your treatment.

After treatment

Once the needling is finished, you will have another short conversation with your acupuncturist. He will share any insights into your condition and/or advice he may have to help extend the benefits of your treatment.

He will also answer questions you may have regarding the treatment or any sensations you may have experienced during needling.

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